Kolay tracks customer feedback at scale to continuously improve its product


Name: Kolay
Founded: 2015
Industry: HR, B2B SaaS
Website: https://kolay.io

Kolay is a SaaS platform specialized in HR management for SMEs and enterprises.  Founded in 2015, more than 1.400 companies and 200.000 active users are using Kolay.

Kolay began in 2015 with an ambitious mission: smoothing companies HR processes. 5 years later, the Kolay SaaS platform is streamlining leave, shift, performance, expenses, and payroll management for more than 1.400 companies and 200.000 users. In order to keep product-market-fit while growing at a fast pace, Kolay uses Harvestr to centralize, digest and act on all the valuable customer feedback they collect every day.

Customer feedback - Kolay

The Problem

The Kolay product department is the junction between sales, support and success departments. One of its roles is to digest insights escalated by customer-facing teams and translate them into the right solutions.

Due to a rapidly-growing customer base, it became extremely difficult to keep up with the flow of customer feedback that was coming in and manage redundancy. This feedback used to be shared with the Product team via email and Intercom. However, a portion of it ended up getting lost, forgotten and not acted upon.

“We needed a space to collect incoming feedback to make sure it was not lost, and prioritize it in our product roadmap. We tried to use Jira and Trello first, but it quickly went out of hand. We had too much volume and we could not get rid of redundancies”

Andrea Buran

Product Department Manager, Kolay

Therefore, Kolay started looking for dedicated feedback and product management solutions. They found Harvestr to be exactly what they needed and it now plays an integral role in their product management process. Above all, it helps them smoothly centralize and digest hundreds of customer feedback messages from emails and Intercom conversations every week.

Kolay processes, refines and keeps track of 2 times more customer feedback than before

Emails, Intercom conversations, user interviews… the Kolay product department had to deal with numerous customer feedback channels and increasing volume. Product managers got frustrated because they ended up losing valuable insights during their Discovery process. As a result, they were also wasting time in repetitive discussions on recurring customer problems. It is to streamline this whole feedback management process that the product department moved to Harvestr. Thanks to their Harvestr feedback email and to the Intercom integration, support and success teams can efficiently escalate customer feedback to a central feedback hub.

In addition, the Harvestr categorization features give product managers the power to decompose and organize feedback much faster than before. “Feedback may contain multiple problems. We needed an efficient way to split them and structure our feedback knowledge base, even with an evolving product structure”, says Andrea.

Customer feedback - Kolay

Uncovering, fine-tuning and prioritizing customer feedback as a team

By helping decompose and frame customer problems, Harvestr allows product managers to structure their Discovery process. Therefore, it has become the central place where the product department discusses customer feedback while documenting research and findings. When they start working on a specific product topic, they go to Harvestr. They will find an already well-framed problem with context, related feedback, and past product discussions.

Not only does Harvestr help the team organize and understand customer problems, but it also gives them a way to decide what they want to work on next. In order to increase feature relevance and time-to-market, Kolay has been using Harvestr to structure its prioritization process. The product team is now able to consistently compare product opportunities according to usage, business and effort criteria.

Looking ahead, Kolay’s product managers want to leverage this success and open Harvestr to other departments. This will help them further increase collaboration and transparency on what the product team is doing.

“Harvestr is the central place where our Product Managers think and do Product Discovery before the delivery phase. We now have a place that works as a properly organized history of customer problems and that I really enjoy going through”

Andrea Buran

Product Department Manager, Kolay

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