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Name: Agendor
Founded: 2012
Industry: CRM, B2B SaaS

Agendor builds innovative CRM tools that provide SMEs greater control over their commercial operations. Founded in 2012, its SaaS product is accelerating sales processes for 4000 customers and 20,000 active users.

When Tulio Monte Azul and his two best friends founded Agendor in 2012, there was no decent CRM addressing the needs of Brazilian SMBs. Thanks to its initial vision and to a Product Led Growth strategy, Agendor became a leader in the very crowded CRM market. 90% of their 4000 customers were acquired through a self-service product approach. Therefore, they chose Harvestr to accelerate Product Led Growth by learning from customer feedback faster than competitors. 

Customer feedback - Kolay

The Problem

As co-founder and Head of Product, Tulio grew Agendor into a product-led organization. “We consider the product as central because it’s what our customers interact with on a daily basis. We have always been a product-centric company with a strong focus on the simplicity and self-service aspects of the experience. It has actually proven to be our main driver for growth”, says Tulio.

To keep growing at a fast pace, the customer had to be at the core of their Product Led Growth strategy. However, they realized that a communication gap had appeared between product, customer-facing teams, and the end-user. Agendor had a lot of valuable customer feedback in Intercom and in the minds of its customer-facing teams. The problem was that this goldmine of customer insights remained unexploited.

“We realized that we had very valuable customer feedback in Intercom, emails, NPS, and user research notes, but we were missing a central place to gather it and organize it. Everything was in our heads and our users did not feel that we were listening”

Tulio Monte Azul

Head of Product, Agendor

They first tried to use Jira to solve this problem, as it was already in place for the developer team. However, the product team quickly ended up accumulating a long backlog of issues that could not be filtered and prioritized. Jira also became a confusing mix between Discovery and Delivery items. Agendor considered public feedback portals with voting systems, but making everything public created expectations that were hard to manage. Needing a solution to track and prioritize feedback from Intercom and internal teams, Agendor turned to Harvestr. The platform was providing the state-of-the-art integrations and product experience they needed.

A central customer feedback hub to inform Product Led Growth decisions

With customer feedback being dispersed in a growing number of tools and teams, Agendor was getting far from its customers. As a result, they were struggling to prioritize product initiatives based on customer needs. By helping Tulio and his team centralize and organize feedback from support, sales, and NPS, Harvestr gives them visibility on what matters most to their customers. Above all, they know how many customers requested a feature or raised a problem, who these customers are, and they have all the context they need to prioritize improvement opportunities, all in one single interface.

Thanks to the Harvestr feedback hub, Agendor was able to identify improvement opportunities that can impact a wide variety of SaaS business metrics such as acquisition, retention and upsell. Identifying and prioritizing these growth drivers in the product roadmap is at the core of Agendor’s Product Led Growth strategy.

Customer feedback - Kolay

Agendor reduced the time spent on customer feedback management by 300%

By using Harvestr to optimize all aspects of customer feedback management and product discovery, Agendor was able to remove all the manual work that used to be necessary to aggregate and organize feedback.

“Harvestr makes it blazingly fast to map Intercom conversations and feedback in general into customer problems. It is saving us up to 7 hours per week.”

Tulio Monte Azul

Head of Product, Agendor

In Harvestr, each customer is also linked to its feedback. Therefore, it became much easier for Agendor to find relevant people to contact when they start working on a feature idea.

Agendor is also using Harvestr to manage product discovery and research. When working on a specific product topic, they can refer to Harvestr where they have immediate access to all the feedback and documentation that will help them properly understand and frame customer problems.

Accelerating Product Led Growth by improving collaboration between support and product teams

Before implementing Harvestr, the Agendor product team was isolated from support and sales, which had the feeling that their voice was not being heard. Both teams are now using the Intercom – Harvestr integration to escalate customer feedback to the product team. As a result, it considerably improved collaboration and knowledge sharing within the company. Support and sales felt and more involved in shaping the product roadmap. Today, they play a key role in product meetings, where the knowledge accumulated in Harvestr is feeding discussions around customer needs.

Next up, Agendor is working on some exciting new features. The company wants to continue using Harvestr to inform research and roadmaping for what will be a critical new step in the company’s history. Harvestr will help Tulio and his team further structure their prioritization process and make sure they are building the right features at the right time.

“One year back, we were looking for what to do and where to focus our product efforts on. Thanks to all the feedback we gathered in Harvestr, it all became very clear and we know we are now much more confident in what we are building for our customers.”

Tulio Monte Azul

Head of Product, Agendor

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