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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is an editor?

An editor is a member of your Harvestr project with unlimited creation, edition and administration rights. They are usually people who are responsible for managing customer feedback and building the product roadmap (Product Managers, Product Marketers, Product Owners, Customer Feedback Managers, etc.).

What is a contributor?

A contributor is a member of your Harvestr project with limited rights. Contributors can view all your project’s data but they can only perform certain actions: adding feedback and comments. Contributors are unlimited and free on our Elite and Enterprise plans. Contributor rights are generally useful for people from Support, Success, Sales… who want to follow customer feedback status and contribute to the roadmap. 

Do i pay per user?

In Harvestr, you pay per editor. The price per editor varies according to the plan you select. You can also invite contributors with limited rights for free.

For example: for 2 x 79 = $158 / month (Scale Plan on a monthly subscription), you will get access to all the Scale plan features with 2 editors and up to 50 free contributors.


With our free Launch plan, you get 1 editor and up to 10 contributors for free. You can create up to 100 backlog items (called “Discoveries” in Harvestr). You can also have up to 2 prioritization fields, 3 discovery views and 3 roadmap views. If you need more, consider our Scale plan. 

how many customers can i import and synchronize?

In Harvestr, you can import user and company data using our CSV and Excel imports. You can also synchronize customer data from other tools with our integrations. With each pricing plan, you can import as many customers as you wish and you can synchronize up to 1000 customers (users and companies) for free. If you need to synchronize more data, please reach out to us.   

how does the free trial work?

When you register with Harvestr, you have 14 days to try it out for free. If you want to continue using it, you’ll need to chose one of our paid plans.

will we be charged when the trial is over?

No. We don’t require a card upfront. If you want to continue using Harvestr at the end of your trial, we’ll ask for your credit card then.

how safe is our data?

We use industry-standard cloud infrastructure along with extra safeguards to ensure your data remains completely private and secure at all time. See our Security Policy.

are you gdpr compliant?

Yes. We’re GDPR compliant with a privacy-by-design architecture, clear privacy policies, and an optional DPA if required. See our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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