Harvestr, the product discovery platform for product managers.

Store and manage all user feedback in one single place. Engage users to build better products.

A comprehensive user knowledge base for Product Managers

Harvestr integrates with existing business applications to aggregate all product related feedback. Never lose valuable feedback again.

Identify issues and improvement opportunities quickly

Our interface makes it easy for you to organise feedback and to extract insights that will give you a comprehensive view on the most urgent needs.

Close the feedback loop and improve product communication

Interact with users and teammates without leaving Harvestr. Keep everyone in the loop by providing updates about product related decisions and improvements.

Get better feedback and increase user retention

Engaging users and teammates increases the quality of their contributions and helps Product Managers develop features and products that will be used even more.

"At Aircall, the support, sales and customer success teams have a lot of valuable customer feedback to share. I really need a tool to aggregate this information and to communicate about product-related decisions to the other teams. Great job Harvestr!"

Maïa Metz Head of Product @ Aircall

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Harvestr is the perfect app for Product Managers, Product Owners, User Researchers and everyone else trying to develop the best products and services for their users. We are working hard to launch soon.